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Assembly Pulls Dirty Trick, Holds Underwater Homeowners Hostage

September 4, 2013 Leave a comment


Call Assembly Member Gatto TODAY to Voice Your Outrage!

C.A.R. is sponsoring SB 30 to provide relief to distressed homeowners attempting to sell their homes in a “short sale.” Last week the Assembly Appropriations Committee, at Assembly Member Gatto’s direction, took SB 30 hostage in an attempt to extort C.A.R.’s support for a new tax measure.

Action Items

1. Call Assembly Member Mike Gatto 1-800-969-3420


info provided by C.A.R.


Selling Your Home – Common Q&A About Selling Your Home

Should I add on or buy a bigger home?

Consider these questions before making a choice between adding on to an existing home or moving up in the market to a bigger house:
* How much money is available, either from cash reserves or through a home improvement loan, to remodel the current house?
* How much additional space is required? Would the foundation support a second floor or does the lot have room to expand on the ground level?
* What do local zoning and building ordinances permit?
* How much equity already exists in the property?
* Are there affordable properties for sale that would satisfy housing needs?

Ultimately, the decision should be based on individual needs, the extent of work involved and what will add the most value.

What do all of those real estate acronyms in the ads mean?

If you find yourself stumbling over weird acronyms in a real estate listing, don’t be alarmed. There is method to the madness of this shorthand (which is mostly adopted by sellers to save money in advertising charges). Here are some abbreviations and the meaning of each, taken from a recent newspaper classified section:
* assum. fin. — assumable financing
* dk — deck
* gar — garage (garden is usually abbreviated “gard”)
* expansion pot’l — may be extra space on the lot, or possibly vertical potential for a top floor or room addition. Verify actual potential by checking local zoning restrictions prior to purchase.
* fab pentrm — fabulous pentroom, a room on top, underneath the roof, that sometimes has views
* FDR — formal dining room (not the former president)
* frplc, fplc, FP — fireplace
* grmet kit — gourmet kitchen
* HDW, HWF, Hdwd — hardwood floors


Advantages & Disadvantages of Short Sales

January 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Short Sale Specialist

Thinking of Selling your Home as a Short Sale? Check out these Advantages & Disadvantages of Short Sale first.There are pros and cons of the Short Sale. Every client’s situation is different and needs to be looked at by an experienced Short Sale Agent. When looking for an agent, look for the National Association of Realtors SFR Designation. REALTORS® who have earned the SFR certification know how to help sellers maneuver the complexities of short sales as well as help buyers pursue short sale and foreclosure opportunities.

Is Short Sale the answer for me?

June 19, 2009 1 comment

Welcome! I am a REALTOR in Ramona CA. I also own property in this area and feel it is my responsibility to get information to YOU the homeowner so YOU can make the best choice in YOUR situation. After all this is a cjoice that will affect you, possibly for many years to come. It id oftentimes a very tough choice too. It is hard economic times for people and There is not just ONE right choice for all, if ONLY it were that easy. Every situation is unique and needs individual attention before deciding on this very important issue of possible short sale on your home. There are other alternatives out there too so it is useful to gather as much information before you decide. Feel free to call me anytime with questions.
Regina Flores (760) 788-0721